About Ava

While some performers “burst” onto the burlesque scene, Ava Lure’s ascent has resembled more of a high-viscosity ooze of angst and ardor. Performing burlesque since 2010, Ava has graced the stages of the Vancouver, Toronto, Edmonton, Saskatoon, Texas, and Minneapolis Burlesque Festivals, and with Screaming Chicken Theatrical Society, the Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekender. Ava is the Creative Director and Founder of The Crystalline Cabaret. She is currently based out of Toronto and is a resident cast member of Live at The Funk-Tion.

With a strong commitment to incorporating artistic education into her creative practice, Ava has a Diploma in Theatre as well as Alumni Award for Community Service from Douglas College, an Advanced Certificate in Arts & Entertainment Management and Bachelor of Performing Arts from Capilano University, and has studied Viewpoints Movement Improvisation from the Banff Centre for the Arts. Ava recently completed a Master's Degree in Theatre and Performance Studies at the University of Toronto.

Ava served on the board of the Vancouver International Burlesque festival for four years between 2013 and 2020 and was President in 2015 . She also served on the board of the Jessie Richardson Theatre Awards Society from 2015-2018 and contributed to the organization's first diversity and inclusion policy.


Ava often collaborates with photographers, video and theatre artists, dancers, and designers on various projects outside of burlesque. Blending theatricality with timeless grace every time she hits the stage, her intoxicating movements lure you into her dream world.

Performance Highlights


Saskatoon Burlesque Festival, 2019 (Headliner)

Minneapolis Burlesque Festival, 2016

Texas Burlesque Festival, 2015

Toronto Burlesque Festival, 2013, 2018, 2019

Edmonton Burlesque Festival, 2013

Vancouver International Burlesque Festival, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2017, 2018

Shows & Productions:

Live at The Funk-Tion (Toronto), 2021 - now


The Crystalline Cabaret:

Elemental (Vancouver Fringe), 2019

Summer Soiree, 2019

Winter Pageant, 2018

Dr. Coppelius, 2018

House Nocturnae (Vancouver Fringe), 2018

Lunarium 2017, 2018

(Founder, Creative Director, Producer, performer for all)

The Ladybirds:

Love Letters, 2020

(choreographer, performer)

A Retro Halloween, 2019


Flower Power, 2019


April O'Peel Productions:

Riverdale Burlesque: Escape From Greendale, 2019

(Director, Co-producer, performer)

Riverdale Burlesque, 2019

(Director, Co-producer, performer)

Fleetwood Mac Burlesque, 2018, 2019

Burlesque Duos 2017, 2019, 2020

Fairy Tale Burlesque, 2017

Gastown Cabaret, 2017 (burlesque guest)

Lost Girls Burlesque:

Seasonal Feature Performer, 2018-2019

Special Guest at the Fox Cabaret, 2016

Touring Guest, 2015, 2017

The Orchid Club:

New Year's Eve at the Hotel Vancouver, 2016, 2017, 2018 

In the Projection Room at the Fox Cabaret, 2015-2017 (Founder, Managing Producer, performer, host)

Pandora & The Locksmiths:

Retro Strip Show, 2016-2019 (stage management, FOH management, go-go dancing)

Visions of Lore, 2015 (performer, creative team)

Awakenings, 2014, 2015 (performer, creative team)

Live at Guilt & Co, 2011-2017 (performer, host)

Screaming Chicken Theatrical Society:

Taboo Revue, 2010-2020 (performer, host)

Burlesque Hall of Fame Tournament of Tease, 2012

Terror at Rock Out Beach, 2011

Skin Game at The Emerald, 2014-2015

(Co-Founder, producer, performer)

Blue Morris Productions:

Night Circus, 2014

Rock & Roll Burlesque, 2014

Motown Burlesque, 2012, 2013

Wasabassco Burlesque, NYC: 

All The Way at The Way Station, 2017

Late Night at City Winery NYC, 2017

Bad Company Burlesque, 2019, 2020 (guest performer and host)

Glam Slam, 2019 (burlesque guest)

House of Hush Burlesque, Edmonton, 2019 (Headliner)

Wet Coast Burlesque, Victoria BC, 2018 (Headliner)

Spanking the Lower East Side, Nurse Bettie NYC, 2017

NSFW, 2014

Cabaret du Passe 2013, 2014, 2015 (burlesque guest)

Sweet Soul Burlesque Sweet Sip Anniversary, 2013 (duo guest)

AbraCadaver Cabaret, 2011-2014

Go-Go Dancing:

Electric Obsidian, 2017-2020


Contact Festival - Vancity Talent, 2017

Go-Go Bungalow Retro Go-Go, 2014-2020